From January 17 to 23, 2022

Everything will come in due time, Pisces. As much as you want something, it's not going to make it come sooner. This week control your impatience and take advantage of the moment, because very heavy changes are coming. You can't stop your life to wait. You have to keep fulfilling your responsibilities. Also, the less you think about THAT, the faster time will pass. This week try to find distractions, keep your schedule busy. This will make everything much easier.

Listen to your intuition, this week more than ever. You can listen to the opinions of others, you can try to find second answers, but never ignore the messages of your intuition. And now less. With the Full Moon this week you will find many answers within you. You will feel super connected with your feelings and you will not let yourself be influenced by anything or anyone.

This week you have to reconnect with your passions and your wishes and not those of others. Many times you forget to support your dreams. You are so dedicated and so kind to everyone, that you do everything for them and forget about yourself. It's okay to support others, but don't forget to support yourself. Give yourself the respect you deserve. Supporting the dreams of others doesn't have to sacrifice your own.

With the start of Aquarius season, creativity is back on your mind. You'll feel wittier and suddenly a little more creative when it comes to flirting too. You're going to do something crazy for love this week, Pisces, because you won't care if you fail or make a mistake. You just want to enjoy your freedom. Happy week.